Representation about the gravity used as a background.
Gravity as an interface of perception

Gravity could be called the 6th consciousness and our body keeps balance via the inner ears. The relation nature of gravity and the body is deep. This connection also with the theory used as the same subject matter as my past work "the interface itself exists inside us." Our body is equipped with a thing like the consciousness function which detects gravity, and a gravity sensor. It is said that these gravity sensors progress at the time of an fetuses when it is in a mother's belly.@And it works, when we have made a living for a long time, and the function becomes weak. However, if an artificial cochlea is attached, the investigation that an old man will not fall over is progressing. As an extended component of consciousness, it is that, gIn an eye, they are glasses. In ears, it is a hearing-aid. In gravity, it is artificial internal earh. It seems that the body maintains balance by the internal ear although the semicircular canal is related also to carsickness. And it is closely related also to the sense of hearing.
Representation about the gravity used as a background

As it is said, we look up when we are happy, while we look down when we are sad. Our space is rendered by the orientations of top/bottom and left/right, which derive from the fact that our bodies function within the environment of gravity. Our spirit is expressed/bound by gravity. We believe gods always exist above us, and hell is always underneath us. Our language is also coming from this directivity regardless of Japanese/foreign language, for example, it is supposed that an upper class/ lower class, a right wing/ left wing, top player/bottom price etc...It is supervised from the word of sinking, falls, goes up etc. It is generated from the reality that the body is functioning in the environment which gravity commits, and the directivity of space called right and left under besides clings deeply to our space concept, no separates to it. We were just powerless only by merely seeing in front of the figure of "gravity and resistance" say / "the collapsing twin tower in NY". Thus, we are in the life environment which is not escaped from gravity. The rule whofs all that exist on the ground to the form of a building, indoor space, all of products, the body, internal organs and cell and all organic matters are gravity changes a form.Gravity is "1 of four powers to exist in a nature", and is the weakest power and all existence things are pulling well to each other. Gravity is not materialized without the reaction force and this work applied this physical action.The project is advanced having a new appreciation of them anew. This work presents the dynamic processes of the interactions between gravity and resistance. It was made feeling the overwhelming difference of daily life space and the mass of the earth. It seeks to recompose of gravity by reconsidering the dialogue between the body and space.
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