Mikami Seiko

Since 1984, she has exhibited installation works centering on the theme of information society and body. She was based in New York 1992 to 2000. Since 1995 - present time, her works became interactive media art installation incorporating human perception. In 1996, she produced "Molecular Informatics" for Canon ARTLAB Project Exhibition, using the eye tracking technology. Since then, it has been modified to updated versions, and toured through Europe including Rotterdam DEAF (Dutch Electronic Art Festival, the Netherlands, 1996), Miro Museum (Spain, 1999) and Transmedialle, Berlin (Germany, 2002). In 1997, she showed "World, Membrane and the Dismembered Body," a work of hearing and internal-body sound, chosen as a permanent collection at the opening of NTT/ICC (Inter Communication Center) and Nantes Museum of Fine Arts (France, 2000). She is currently based in Tokyo, and teaching at Tama Art University of Department of Information Art and running Media Art Lab. The collection of works was published from Diputacion de Malaga of Spain in 2004.

Ichikawa Sota
Architect. The founder of "doubleNegatives Architecture "

Since 1995, he has started a project on the theme of spatial expressions, to investigate different potentials in bringing architecture into existence, based on the relationships between body and viewpoint/observatory-point. In 1997, he participated in a project "IO_DENCIES" in Tokyo produced by Knowbotic Research, German media artist group. In 1998, he set up an architectural group "doubleNegatives Architecture ".

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